Pretty Magic 1.0

20030807From 2001 to 2004, I drew a webcomic called Magical Mage Pretty Magic. I’m pretty proud at the 62 pages created. I learned so much by doing it, it forced me to draw in new ways. It was about teenagers who even with magic powers were just themselves. It didn’t make them any smarter or their lives any easier. Just different.

Since then, I’ve graduated college and worked steadily as a graphic designer for local, national, and international clients. I host the Uncanny Creativity podcast about how to be more imaginative and creative. I’ve seen how designing every day has made me better at my job. I never stopped reading webcomics with my daily reads including Lunarbaboon and Channelate.

Part of the reason I do the podcast is to inspire me to keep making art. And when I looked at a project to make me a better artist, I thought returning to webcomics was the way to go. Over the years, I’ve jotted down notes and sketches about Pretty Magic. The resulting comic is a journal, a love letter to all things I enjoy, and the journey to adulthood.